Our plug and play solar systems arrive complete and ready to go

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BYD battery box

A lot can go wrong out in the field, where there may be low access to electricity and the internet, and it's not easy to find replacement solar materials or tools. The bigger the system, the more complex the installation,  increasing the chances of error.

That's why our systems are tested, pre-installed, and pre-programmed in our factory in South Africa. The batteries, inverters, and all the stuff you wouldn't think of like switch gear and cables, are all built into one modular box. This box simply gets plugged in when it arrives. The box is unloaded from the truck in individual racks and reassembled back into a box. The system can be loaded onto the back of a pickup truck, decreasing shipping costs. 

Not all batteries are made the same

Battery technology has been a game changer for solar, and is leading to the rapid solarization of our planet. Where once we could expect a battery to last just a few years, now we can expect to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years.


We select batteries that lead the solar industry in longevity and performance, operate safely in hot temperatures, and can easily be monitored and maintained. Our battery and inverter options have been designed and engineered to work together.

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Large quantities of solar panels can be ground mounted

Ground mounting is the way to go when you have large quantities of solar panels or when the roof doesn't seem strong enough to support the weight of the panels. We create a cement base to support the steel poles in the ground, install a strong steel structure onto the poles, and an aluminum mount so the solar panels can lock in. We can install these at any height if theft is an issue, or to get out of the way of brush.

Containerized solar is a great way to protect your system

We can permanently install the batteries and electronics in a container, keeping the system free from dust, thieves, and temperature fluctuations. You can add options like air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, and security alarms and cameras. If you want to turn your container into a computer lab, we can create wall partitions and install electrical plugs. If you want to use the container to store food, we can offer refrigerated containers. You dream it, we can build it.

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Communities getting electricity for the first time will need their buildings internally wired

Houses may need breaker boxes, Pay As You Go (PayGo) meters, earthing protection, and electrical wires safely installed in their homes. They may also require light switches, sockets, and electrical outlets.

We work with you to customize your electrical plan, and ship all the materials with your solar system. We work with your local electrician to help them deliver a safe installation.

Distributing power from the solar system to homes may require overhead lines or underground trenches

If this is the first time the community has gotten electricity, power will need to be distributed to homes and buildings. To do village planning and create a detailed distribution design requires a site visit by one of our engineers. We ship all materials with the solar system to save you money on materials. We work with your local, certified electrical company to ensure a safe installation.