Watch this inspiring video about how electricity impacted this African community

We find local talent in countries where we work, and we train them on advanced, long lasting systems

Access to Power is Critical to Development

  • There are 640 million people living in Sub-Saharan Africa who do not have access to power

  • In Malawi alone, 85% of the population survive as subsistence farmers

  • 95% of these people have no access to power

  • Solar mini grids provide the most reliable, sustainable means of addressing power needs of all kinds

  • Solar enables lights for schools, powers home lighting, appliances, water pumps and electricity for a myriad of commercial applications

Impacting The Environment

  • Our smallest MiniGrid saves 9 tons of CO2 every year that would otherwise be created from a coal power plant.

  • The World Bank estimates that by 2030, if 40% of new capacity comes in Africa from mini grids, we could help avoid 1.5 billion tons of CO2 globally


Education is at the heart of everything

  • We invest in people in every project. We send experienced local solar installers to South Africa to work with our engineers and receive highly technical on the job training. This in turn will set them up to install more 20 and 30 year battery systems across the African continent.